A New You with a New Wig

Wig bands are growing in popularity every day because they are a cost-effective and fun way to transform a person's style.

Wigs are made from synthetic hair or human hair, so the type you choose will depend on your budget and the type of use you want to get from it. Human hair is more durable and will withstand styling with heated styling tools much better than its synthetic counterparts. However, synthetic wigs are great for temporary use and many women often buy more than one so they can change their look depending on their mood.

Headband wigs can be bought to match your natural hair color and are a great accessory. They are available in a wide range of styles and cuts. What most women like about band wigs is the comfort they experience while wearing them.

Unlike the wigs of decades past, today's wigs are lightweight, allowing your natural hair and scalp to breathe. They also allow air to circulate to the head, making them less likely to leave you feeling overheated or sweaty. Both synthetic and natural hair wigs are washable, durable and look just like regular hair.

If you are looking to permanently cover hair due to excessive thinning or hair loss, I recommend a natural human hair wig. These last much longer and can be washed, styled, permed or dyed just like natural hair.

However, if you are just looking for something to spice up your style for a little while, synthetic wigs are more affordable and can offer you some great choices to experiment with. Perhaps you would like to test out a new hair color or a new hairstyle? In that case, wearing a wig for a few weeks is a great way to test the reactions of others and see if you really like the hair.

Real or synthetic, hair wigs are a fun way to enhance your look and create a whole new you.