Teatimer Exe

The teatimer.exe process is part of Teatimeresults Search and Destroy software for removing malware, spyware, and adware from users' computers. TeaTimer option in Teatimeresults is responsible for monitoring suspicious activity on the user's computer. Once enabled, teatime works behind the scenes, notifying the user when a process is running and checking its legitimacy, as well as offering the option to stop the process if the user so desires. Teatimeresults will also notify you when a process tries to modify one of your important registry keys, giving you an extra opportunity to protect your computer from malware threats installing on your computer.

As mentioned, Teatimeresults is designed to protect computers from spyware, adware, and malware threats. Adware refers to software that, when installed on a user's computer, displays advertisements (such as pop-up ads) or records the user's Internet activity and then transmits that information to a third party (for a variety of reasons, including to allow that third party to customize the ads targeted to the user's computer).

The distinction between adware and spyware is primarily that adware programs install themselves on a user's computer with the user's consent, while spyware programs install themselves without the user's consent. In practice, there is a little distinction because a common strategy used by spyware developers is to bundle it with another, more useful application that people may want to voluntarily download. Examples include peer-to-peer file sharing applications, toolbars, and comedic desktop signs.

While some programs explicitly state that adware is being installed, in practice this consent may mean little more than adding a sentence or two in the end-user license agreement. Unless you read the EULA carefully, you may not realize that you've allowed someone unfettered access to the information on your system.

In addition to anti-spyware and anti-adware tools, Teatimeresults has a limited range of anti-malware tools. The word malware is a general term that covers any malicious software. Teatimeresults is able to offer protection against a limited number of trojans and has an anti-rootkit feature